Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ski Trip.... Mormon Style

Tomorrow morning I’m going skiing (alone) at Snowbird in Utah. Luckily Omniture is paying for my ski pass and providing bus transportation to/from the resort all day. So I would pretty much be a fool to pass up this opportunity.

Unfortunately I started to get a bit worried after hearing warnings from a couple of co-workers:

- You might get dizzy and black out from not drinking enough water
- It’s not like skiing back East on "mountains" covered with ice
- The powder will be waist deep
- This is not a beginner mountain (they have double black diamond runs)

I consider myself a Blue run girl (intermediate level) but I haven’t hit the slopes for a couple of years and I’m definitely not prepared for a top elevation of 11,000 feet. Here's a map of the 89+ runs:

Hopefully it’s a good time and I don’t end up breaking any of my lovely bones, causing an avalanche, or running into a tree. Wish me luck friends!

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