Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things I learned while in Mexico...

1. Flying direct is always the best way to go and landing in the Cancun airport makes me nauseous

2. A Pina Colada is the perfect first drink to have after you land in a tropical country

3. Make sure not to fall asleep in the Apple Vacations van and forget your jacket because you will never ever get that back

4. Real Mexican food is mucho better than the greasy Mexican food found in Boston. I especially enjoyed the

5. I’m definitely a grown-up now because I don’t mind putting on 50+ Sunblock lotion so I won’t get burned horribly and have sun blisters

6. Nothing beats a free poolside massage (the downside is having to avoid the Spa sales guy afterwards)

7. I enjoy getting behind a bar and pretending that I too can make “good” drinks

8. Going to a resort Disco is fun but only if you are very intoxicated and can dance with a gay man who will twirl you around

9. Buffets are definitely not the best value for me; the open bar is a different story entirely

Yicama (sliced or diced) is probably my new favorite root vegetable

11. I do not enjoy drinking at pool bar at 10AM

12. I would rather read a book/trashy gossip magazine instead of playing a group activity like darts

13. Mayan ruins at
Tulum are not as impressive as Chitzinitza

14. My idea of a fun vacation is not to lounge on a pool chair all day, drink and bake in the sun. I like to go out and explore

15. I definitely can’t go a week without doing some exercise or as Becky said, “I’m obsessed” with the gym

16. Mexican Tequila is gross and should not be consumed under any circumstances

17. I have more willpower than previously thought because I can successfully resist the urge to eat
churros and hot chocolate for breakfast

18. If it costs more than $100 to play golf then I’m not interested

19. I’m very lucky and extremely thankful that I didn’t get Dysentery / Montezuma's revenge or Swine Flu while I was on vacation

20. I actually do like long walks on the beach!

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rb said...

it's jicama...