Friday, May 15, 2009

Apartment Hunting in NYC

After many weeks of fruitless apartment searching, finally I have found two places that I would want to call home in Brooklyn. Along the way I’ve met many crazy people and seen some dreadful apartments (especially in Manhattan). If nothing else at least I found out that I have no desire to live with 7 foreign people above busy Canal Street, in a railroad apartment - where you walk through the other girl’s bedrooms to get to the kitchen & bathroom, an industrial loft in a shady area of Brooklyn, in a tiny twin-bed room sharing with a creepy older British guy who talks in monotone, in a laid-off lawyer’s bedroom while he slept in the living room, down in the dirty basement with a future sex therapist and some messy guy in his 40’s, with a girl who’s extremely anal about cleaning and doesn’t tolerate any dirty dishes in the sink, or another girl who’s a macrobiotic marathon runner and wouldn’t let me use chemical cleaning products, in a upstairs room with a big hole in the ceiling which probably leaks water when it rains or with an environmentalist guy who tells me up front that the TV belongs in the closet. I really wish I had brought along a video camera to film my experience of looking at these New York City homes.

Here are the two that I liked the best and have put in offers for:


Rent: $830 / 3 bedroom & 1 bath apartment, on the 4th floor of a fantastic marble building literally a block from the Grand Entrance to Prospect Park. Lots of house plants, natural light throughout the apartment. TV and comfy common room furniture, a bit messy overall (could be due to the moving out situation). The area seems very safe and nice. Bonus is that it's a sublet for just the summer and I could move-in starting this week.

Super convenient transportation, within walking distance to the 2, 3 and the B, Q train lines. So my daily commute into SoHo would probably be under 20 minutes and easy to visit Tim as well.

Living with 2 girls – One of them is a French student who’s leaving at the end of June, the other is a chill social worker in Brooklyn who has lived there for 3 years.

Smaller sized bedroom but will fit my current bed and a dresser. Big closet and storage nook.

Butler Place at Plaza Street (google map)


Rent: $1000 / 2 bedroom apartment, on the 2nd floor of a new renovated building in South Park Slope area. Not such a pretty street to look at but close by to the park and 7th Ave (with all the boutique shops and restaurants). Available 6/1, taking over the leaving girl's 6 month lease.

Living with another girl, Pascale, an artist who also works for Helmut Lang. She wasn’t home to meet because she works crazy fashion hours and travels a lot.

The amenities in the apartment are amazing – new kitchen appliances, dishwasher, air conditioner, FREE washer/dryer (in the hallway). Another big plus is that I would get my own full bathroom. Nicely furnished living room with a small flat screen TV and a decent sized bedroom with all white furniture & a big sliding door closet.

Prospect Avenue at 8th Avenue (google map)


I’m heavily leaning towards the marble building right by the park and living with the cool social worker lady because I think I would get along well with her. I really need to make my final decision today because I have to hand over lots of rent money on Thursday night!

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