Thursday, June 4, 2009

King of Prussia

  • Where the main attraction is an oversized mall

  • Driveways contain a Minivan, Pickup Truck or a SUV

  • Prices are reasonable in grocery stores called Acme

  • People are friendly & far more diverse than one might expect

  • Everyone seems to drive everywhere, even if you are only going 2 doors down

  • Cars left unattended at night with windows rolled down

  • Front yards that are well manicured with children scattered over the lawn

  • Residential areas are sparse or hidden

  • A place filled with dying strip malls and disappearing sidewalks

  • Not an exotic/royal locale as the name suggests


pats8052 said...

Where is King of Prussia?

Katie said...

It's in Pennsylvania, right outside of Philly. You should take a trip down ;)