Monday, August 3, 2009

The Pros & Cons

Things that I like about NYC...

- My Crunch gym in BK is a few blocks away & offers awesome classes
- Being able to bike into work (only takes 30 minutes)
- The variety of things to good things eat
- My neighborhood: Park Slope, Brooklyn
- Living nearby from Prospect Park
- Rooftop dinners and beautiful city views
- Celebrity sightings (like Claire Danes!)
- Walking from Manhattan to Brooklyn
- Timmy

Things not so good about NYC...

- Having to carry groceries/luggage/laundry
- Hot & sweaty subways. Waiting for trains on the weekends
- Working with only 3 other people
- Getting stuck behind slow-ass tourists on Broadway
- Fast pace city life
- Comparing myself daily to super skinny models walking through SoHo
- Expensive meals & drinks in the city
- Feeling the need to constantly buy new clothes to fit in
- Not having a big friend network here
- No Whole Foods in Brooklyn


Liz said...

OMG-how are you surviving without Whole Foods????

kgorms said...

pro: tour guide at tenement museum!