Thursday, September 24, 2009

Celebrity Sightings

Since I moved to the big city in June '09, I've seen quite a few famous people milling around the streets of Manhattan. Here's my list starting from the most recent sighting (yesterday morning)...

* Brooke Shields walking her big white dog in front of my Crunch gym on Lafayette st.

* Jude Law attending a premiere on Chrystie street in the Lower East Side (he's gorgeous although a tad short)

* Some guy in a band - 3Oh!3 - at a downtown bar

* Larry David walking his scruffy dog on Broadway early in the morning

* I saw Claire Danes twice! Waiting in line at Cafe Cafe in SoHo and walking up Broadway

* The attractive slightly older newscaster, Dan Abrams, walking down Broadway

* While they were filming 'Date Night' (coming out in 2010), we saw Tina Fey get out of a car

* Robert Pattinson at Gemma restaurant (technically I didn't see his adorableness because Tim forgot to mention that he walked by)

I might have to check out Bar Pitti in the West Village because that seems to be a good celebrity hotspot. Maybe I will finally see one of the Olsen girls and prove to my boss that they really do exist!


Anonymous said...

Oh come on - Dan Abrams??

Katie said...

What?? He definitely counts as a half-celebrity because he's on TV!

Anonymous said...

He's such a dbag - he would be awful in the sack!