Friday, December 18, 2009

Help ME, Help YOU!

So I've been thinking lately that I need to fix my karma by doing some good in the world in 2010. I have four travel options right now that I'm mulling over:

Option 1:
Go on a volunteer trip to India with an organization called International Volunteer HQ, the program's web page: IVHQ.

My friend Jenn from Boston went on a trip with IVHQ before and has already booked her trip to Palampur to work with street kids for 2 weeks in late February. You typically stay with host families and works the entire day in an orphanages, teaching English or in day care centers with street children.

My only concern with traveling to India is that I've talked to several people who have had very bad experiences traveling there (especially going to Delhi) and are recommending strongly against it. Also the flight and program costs will be about 2 grand - big dent in my savings account!

Option 2:
Travel to South Africa, with a company called on a 14 day camping trip from Cape Town to Durban. According to the website, you can "make a REAL difference" by helping the people of Africa with family planning, environmental projects,
building infrastructure, etc.

Downsides of this trip would traveling alone, which is slightly concerning given that South Africa seems to have a bad reputation for crime. Also I would be camping for 2 weeks in a tent and it costs $1,055 per person for the tour, food and volunteer experience. That doesn't factor in the cost of a flight which would be over a grand.

Option 3:
Take some personal time off to visit my friend Sara from London who will be working in Hong Kong sometime next March.

The obvious negatives are that the flight would be horrendously expensive and take a long time to get there. Plus I wouldn't really be doing any good stuff to help other people, although I would be eating delicious food and exploring China which sounds pretty amazing.

Option 4:
Go on a fun beachy trip with girlfriends in late January to relax and sip fruity cocktails with little pink umbrellas.

Again the negative would be that this trip is completely self-serving and not helping to fix my karma in the slightest. On the other side it would help drastically improve my skin tone. Plus it's a cheap holiday which would be good fun with the girls.

Ughhh too many choices and so little vacation time!


Tania said...

Hey Katie! Please don't be worried about joining a overland trip on your own - 70% of the group will be solo travelers too! This trip is pretty hard work as you do a lot of community work - which is also fantastic fun. If you want any detailed info let me know! Happy trails whatever you decide!
Cheers, T

Tania said...

... although the fruity cocktails with pink umbrellas sound devine! ;)

pats8052 said...

Option 3 or 4. The other 2 make me nervous just reading them

Liz said...

how about Phuket Thailand, volunteering at the Soi Dog foundation? Then you can also get some beach time in...