Monday, January 25, 2010

My Buried List

Because I’m a 14 year old girl at heart, I still watch quality MTV shows like Real World, Jersey Shore, and True Life. Most recently I saw the first episode of The Buried Life with these 4 tan cuties who have big hearts and ambition to live their lives to the fullest. I would love to be on that bus traveling across North America and not have to sit in an office all day in front of my computer (ah, to dream). I just looked up their Buried list online and cherry picked the ones that I want to do before I kick the bucket (which hopefully won’t be for a long while):

3. Get a tattoo

4. Start a dance in a public place

6. Be in a Hollywood movie

7. Plant a tree

8. Ride a bull

9. Destroy a computer (I would love to do that right now!!)

13. Help someone build a house

19. Write a book

23. Learn how to play an instrument (besides the recorder)

25. Drive across North America

27. Give a stranger a $100 bill

28. Send a message in a bottle

30. Make a big donation to a charity

32. Get something named after you

34. Pay for someone’s groceries

44. Catch something and eat it

48. Skydive (actually I’m too chicken to do this but I might bungee jump and pee my pants)

51. Climb a large mountain

52. Go on a blind date

56. Write an article for a major publication

57. Spend a week in silence

61. Draw a mural

62. Be in a protest

68. Swim with sharks

75. Be a contestant on a gameshow

78. Fall in love (with a non-douchebag)

84. Run a marathon

88. Jump off a waterfall

92. Learn how to surf

93. Ride through the desert in a dune-buggy

97. Be in a boxing match

I better get started soon...

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