Monday, April 5, 2010

Things we leave behind...

So I'm pretty much all moved into my new studio apartment in the trendy UES and luckily for me the last tenant left behind quite a bit of random stuff...

* 35 cents under the mini-stove

* Shiny maroon shower curtain & super tiny bathroom trash can

* Pantry items: Canned soup, olive oil, sauces

* Dishes made circa 1980s and other random kitchen stuff - a few utensils, cooking pot, bowls

* 7 pairs of size 12 men's shoes in the cupboard

* Ginormous wood framed mirror with matching nightstand & fold-out kitchen table

* Bar of christmas chocolate left in the fridge

* Cleaning supplies & step ladder

* Take-out menus, dry cleaner card, lighter

* By far my most bizarre find was located under the sink in a Strand shopping bag - a frame with an envelope of pictures & a sentimental note attached to the back. (Out of respect I will not post what this girl wrote but trust me it was entertaining) To my surprise these pictures were of a half-naked chick who had decided to artfully pose with a piece of plaster painted on her torso. So thoughtful? Apparently this dude who lived here didn't think so because he left it behind. Now I'm not sure what to do because it seems wrong to throw it in the trash after so much love went into the present but I very much doubt that Salvation Army would enjoy receiving that particular donation.



Anonymous said...

1.) Call your landlord and explain that the previous tenant left behind something valuable and get his number.

2.) Call the dude and meet for coffee. Casually present the pictures.

3.) Tell him you're much more artful than this broad.

4.) Enjoy what usually accompanies size 12 feet. ;-)

Katie said...

Hahaha, I'll keep that advice in mind. Thanks :)

Liz said...

wow-7 pairs of shoes? You should put them on Craigslist and then blog about the people who come claim them. :-) You could end up with a book deal!