Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hi Friends!!

I decided it's finally the right time for me to get motivated and start blogging about one of my big passions in life... traveling around the world!

My next trip is to New York City this weekend with my mom, so unless there is a major catastrophe I'll have my first real post up early next week. Keep an eye out! :)

Anyone have good suggestions for places to go in the big apple? Particularly would be helpful to get a couple of recommendations for yummy restaurants - otherwise we'll probably end up at an expensive tourist trap in Times Square.


Tim said...

Apparently Arturo's in Greenwich village does the best pizza.

Anonymous said...

KT Have a good weekend! I'm glad to see you ahve joined the blog world! hekd

rb said...

i loved tao one time when i went there.. it was expensive and trendy, but eating thinly sliced kobe beef we cooked ourselves on a burning rock they placed in the middle of the table is something that i won't soon forget.

Katie said...

Ooh I just went on the Tao website, it looks amazing!! Unfortunately there's no reservations left for Saturday night :(