Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Trip Itinerary (from Tim)

  • Wednesday 25 March:
    >You get on the bus (don’t forget your passport and cameras!)
    >You will be met as bus stop by friendly young Englishman
    >He will take you to his flat, where you will finalize the packing of bags

  • Thursday 26 March:
    >8am: Up and at ‘em!
    >Light breakfast and shower
    >Final bag check, and leave
    >Take yellow cab to LGA
    >Get on flight
    >Go hotel
    >Get locked into the balcony while I unpack and make the place look nice
    >Take champagne to beach
    >Dinner time

  • Friday 27 March:
    >Beach, Nassau, Snorkel

  • Saturday 28 March:
    >Scooter Adventure!

  • Sunday 29 March:
    >Activity day: snorkel trip or horse riding

  • Monday 30 March:
    >Beach and home

  • Tuesday 31 April:
    >Take bus back to boston

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